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Sendent allows you to securely exchange files and emails. Sendent is paired with Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to continue to work from your trusted mail program while emailing more securely.

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health care

privacy comes first

A sector in which a lot of privacy-sensitive information is exchanged on a daily basis so that good care can be provided. It is therefore very important that this data can be exchanged in a secure manner. These include, for example, patient records, declarations of medical treatments or prescriptions. These are just a few examples of documents that may contain (special) personal data. By using Sendent, the privacy of this data can be guaranteed.


Among others for: hospitals, nursing homes, general practitioners, medical clinics, pharmacies, physiotherapists, carers, home care, mental health care and occupational health services.

financial services

the importance of compliancy

The advent of the GDPR but also stricter (compliancy) requirements of regulators such as the AFM and DNB have had a major impact on the financial sector. This also applies to, for example, sending sensitive documents for a mortgage or credit, but also providing detailed information about assets such as insurance policies. Sendent minimizes the chance of this data falling into the wrong hands, and if files have been inadvertently shared with the wrong recipient, you can withdraw these files quickly and securely.


For example: banks, insurers, proxies, advisers, mortgage and lenders, accountants, investment companies and asset managers.


comply with legislation

All government agencies, regionally, nationally and internationally, process many privacy-sensitive data such as BSN numbers, NAW data, benefit information and permits. Governments must certainly comply with national and international data exchange and privacy laws such as gdpr. Sendent can help governments email and share large files in a safe and user-friendly way.


For example for: municipalities, ministries, water boards, provincial states and other government institutions.

other markets

why sendent

We think it’s important to raise awareness about safety when it comes to digital communication. Because of all the laws and regulations, this sometimes seems very difficult to achieve, but Sendent wants to communicate safely in an easy way for more people and make companies accessible with the help of our solutions.

We have chosen to work together with Nextcloud as a very reliable partner in the field of security and control. Nextcloud is a self-hosted productivity platform that allows you to be in control of your data. When you use Sendent, all data is automatically stored on your personal Nextcloud server that you control who has access to it.

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