Guest accounts

Sendent offers two means of letting your recipients access the (sensitive) files. Commonly the anonymous login method is used, this involves a unique generated link, protected with a password. Although in most cases this is good enough, it might be more desirable for recipients who frequently receive sensitive files to give them access to a guest account.

Where normal accounts benefit from the full feature-set of Nextcloud, guest accounts are rather limited in features. They may not create files for themselves (read-only) and natively all extra functionality must be whitelisted.

This feature makes it ideal for controlling frequent recipients to your Nextcloud instance and give them also a better user-experience. They receive the benefit to easily list all previous shared (and still accessible) files, while as an organization you control the account and therefor who sees it.

To ease up the creation of guest accounts Sendent natively integrates with this feature. The administrator may enable this through our convenient server-app or through a Group Policy.

From that point onward users of the Sendent Outlook add-in will be prompted with sharing the file(s) and/or mail body (utilizing secure mail feature) with the recipients.

The receivers will now be notified through an e-mail that they can either create a new guest account and/or access the shared file(s).

The guest account integration is a part of the premium version, which gives you a bunch of other interesting features! Please contact sales if you would like to know how this feature further benefits your organization.