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There are a number of general issues that need to be taken into consideration when sharing files and emails with third parties. But depending on your work area, very specific situations can also occur so that you, as a provider, are often expected to have a solution for this. Of course Sendent can be used in all possible areas of work, but we would like to give you an impression of how Sendent can help you in this.


privacy comes first

A sector in which a lot of privacy-sensitive information is exchanged on a daily basis so that good care can be provided. It is therefore very important that this data can be exchanged in a secure manner. This includes for example; patient records, declarations of medical treatments or prescriptions. These are just a few examples of documents that may contain (special) personal data. By using Sendent, the privacy of this data can be guaranteed.


Among others for: hospitals, nursing homes, general practitioners, medical clinics, pharmacies, physiotherapists, carers, home care, mental healthcare and occupational health services.


digital is the new norm

There is increasing digitisation in education and this is often not limited to universities but is starting earlier as of secondary or even primary education. In addition to study materials, diplomas and exams but this can also include large files such as theses and scientific studies that need to be shared. Facilitating a good, user-friendly and above all safe way of communicating for staff, students and parents is becoming increasingly important and Sendent can help you with this.


Among others for: staff and students at universities, colleges, secondary and primary education.

financial services

the importance of compliancy

The advent of the GDPR, but also stricter (compliancy) requirements of regulators such as the Central Banks and IMF have had a major impact on the financial sector. This also applies to, for example, sending sensitive documents for a mortgage or credit, but also providing detailed information about assets such as insurance policies. Sendent minimizes the chance of this data falling into the wrong hands. In the case that by human mistake files have been inadvertently shared with the wrong recipient, you can withdraw these files quickly and securely.


Among others for: banks, insurers, advisers, mortgage and lenders, accountants, investment companies and asset managers.


comply with legislation

All government agencies, regionally, nationally and internationally, process many privacy-sensitive data such as social security numbers, name and address details and permits. Governments must certainly comply with national and international data exchange and privacy laws such as the GDPR. Sendent can help governments email and share large files in a safe and user-friendly way.


Among others for: municipalities, ministries, water boards, states governments and other government institutions.

small to large enterprises

confidentiality of information

An increasing risk for companies is data breaches where company data and often sensitive information is publicly accessible. This can include communication with customers, partners, suppliers and staff. But what about financial information, employment contracts, critical company data, audits or even information related to a corporate takeover or merger. Also, the advent of the GDPR has meant that companies need to be even more careful to exchange this data. With Sendent, you can ensure that this data is shared in a safe and easy way for the users.


Among others for: multinationals, consultancy firms, logistics, production companies, trade associations, non-profit organisations and companies from 25 employees.

media and advertisements

easier sharing of large files

New techniques ensure ever higher quality of audio and visual media files. As a result, however, the files are also increasing in size, which regularly causes problems in the exchange of this data. Emails that do not arrive because of the size is a common problem and as a result, commercial services of third parties are often used. But your data is now shared through an intermediary and do you want your files to be transferred to a third party with all possible consequences? With the help of Sendent, you can share the files in your own corporate identity and you don’t have to hand over your data. Even more useful when it also contains sensitive information.


Among others for: graphic designers, advertising agencies, photographers, video editors, film companies, newspapers and magazines.

legal services

keeping sensitive information confidential

In the case of legal services, there are, of course, many privacy-sensitive documents that regularly contain sensitive information. This may include wills, marriage certificates, provisional purchase contracts or filing documents in preparation for a legal process. These pieces are often sensitive and should not leak or fall into the wrong hands. With Sendent, you can ensure that you can keep this sensitive information confidential.


Among others for: lawyers, notaries, judges and lawyers.

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