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Sendent allows you to securely exchange files and emails. Sendent is connected with Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to continue to work from your trusted mail program while emailing more securely.

Very useful, for example, to share privacy-sensitive documents or texts or to send attachments that are normally too large to email. All files are uploaded to your personal Cloud environment from where you can control who has access to them.


What risks does emailing have?

Email is the most widely used technology for exchanging information. Digitisation makes communication easier and more efficient, but also creates additional risks. Privacy and the sharing of (sensitive) information are also becoming increasingly important topics in the rules and legislation around the world. What many people don’t know is that email is not the most appropriate technology to communicate securely. For example, e-mail messages can be intercepted relatively easily by people with the wrong intentions and this is unknown to many people.

Companies that are aware of the risks of emailing are increasingly using commercial services to share files securely through a third party in an attempt to protect the secure exchange of files. What is often under-exposed is who owns all this data and who has access to it. For example, is if this data not partially passed on to third parties, do you even want your data to be stored in countries such as the United States or China with other legislation and how do you ensure that your files do not end up with the wrong users of the same service?


Sendent & Nextcloud collaboration

In the search for a solution where files can be exchanged securely in a user-friendly way, without handing over your data and control, Sendent had an instant match with Nextcloud. Nextcloud offers a solution that takes “security and control” seriously like no other and ensures that you have control over your data storage. Read more about our partnership here.


Nextcloud offers 3 key features to keep in control of your own data:




(fully) open-source


solid enterprise security

free version

We have made a free version available so that everyone can get try out Sendent. It doesn’t include all the functionalities, but you can easily upload files via Outlook to your own Nextcloud server and send an upload link so that recipients can upload files directly to your Nextcloud server.

Because we would like to contribute to the open source community, this version can be used indefinitely.

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With our Basic version you can use all the basic functionalities of the add-in. This allows you to easily share large files no matter how large they are and you can make a link available to the recipient via the Public Share so that they can upload files that will be placed on your private Nextcloud server. Our server app also makes it easy to centrally manage the settings for the users within your organization.

If files have been accidentally sent to the wrong people, you can withdraw the files so that they can no longer be viewed. Our Activity Tracker also allows you to check whether someone has already downloaded the shared documents.

Especially suitable for: smaller companies that want to use the Sendent basic functionalities.

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You get access to everything from the Basic version supplemented with additional functionalities. For example, where Basic is Sentent branded, Professional gives you the opportunity to customize it according to your own business style for an even more professional look towards your customers, employees, suppliers and partners. Include your company logo, show everything in your organization’s corporate identity, and decide for yourself the contents of the email templates. This makes it seem like your own application and allows you to communicate in the corporate identity that your customers are used to.

Especially suitable for: companies that are slightly larger or would like to communicate in their own corporate identity.

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This is our most comprehensive version for the maximum Sendent experience. You will have access to the functionalities from the Basic and Professional version supplemented with extras to take your secure communication to the next level. For example, Premium makes it possible that besides the attachments, the entire contents of your email can be uploaded. This ensures that you can also share privacy-sensitive information in the mail body in a secure way.

If you often send files or emails to the same people via Sendent, you can automatically have a Guest account created for them. All files and emails that will be sent to this recipient in the future can all be automatically linked to this account. This gives your receiver easy access to all the communication you’ve ever exchanged.

Especially suitable for: companies that work a lot with privacy-sensitive information or larger companies where there is more need for central user management.

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why sendent?

Hopefully you are already convinced on how Sendent can help your organization to communicate safely in a simple way. If your organization has up to 100 people, you can place your order here immediately so that you can get started with Sendent as soon as possible.

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